Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe

Most people have heard of the Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony thanks to the viral Kony 2012 campaign. The people who are less well-known, however, are those who are cleaning up the mess he left behind. One of those people came to speak at OU on October 1. Since 2002, Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe has worked with girls who have been rescued from the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), Kony’s corrupt military. She provides them with housing, food, community, and education. One of the most important parts of her program is teaching the women marketable skills, such as weaving and sewing, so that they can learn to provide for themselves and their families. And, since many of the girls have had children as a result of their rapes during their period of captivity, Sister Rosemary and her organization provide for those children as well. Their movement has grown and spread over the years and now covers a wide area in central Africa.

In her talk, Sister Rosemary shared her experiences of serving God in this way over the past thirteen years. She talked about the things she’s seen, both painful and happy, and explained ways that we can get involved, even though we’re so far away. Most of all, she wanted to share the importance of using love to counteract the effects of all the hateful things Kony and his men have done. She is truly an incredible woman, and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to meet her and hear her speak.

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