Remembering China

This June will mark two years since I returned from my study abroad semester in China. Although it feels like another lifetime now, there are still memories that arise suddenly and strongly, making me miss the place I called home for five months. The photo on the right is the view from my dorm window in Beijing.

The smell of cucumbers reminds me of when I hiked Mount Hua on a scorching Shaanxi day and I ate the most refreshing cucumber I’ve ever had.

Atop Mount Hua

Seeing bike- and scooter-sharing programs around OU’s campus reminds me of biking all around Beijing to see all of its cool historical and cultural landmarks.

Avery and me at Beihai Park

When eggplant is on sale, I buy some and attempt to recreate one of my favorite dishes from China, savory qiezi.

Another of my favorite meals – roasted chicken, rice, fried egg, and sauteed Chinese cabbage with an Asian pear on the side.

I am grateful for these moments that bring up memories of an amazing time in my life. I plan to relive them for real someday – the sooner I can get back to China, the better!

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