Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival is an important holiday in Chinese culture. This year, it was on October 4. The OU Chinese Language Club held their Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration on October 5. It started with a presentation about the meaning of the holiday (a fascinating story, which you can read about here) and a video of a Chinese dance.

Next, we got to hear from a student who studied abroad in Shanghai for all of last year. He mostly provided advice for students who were thinking about studying in China. The advice wasn’t especially pertinent to me, since I’ve lived it too, but it brought back a lot of memories – the joys and hardships of living in China.

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We finished out the night with food! A lot of the Chinese professors made dishes to share, and the highlight of the meal was the moon cakes. Moon cakes are the traditional food of the Mid-Autumn Festival, and they usually contain red bean paste, nuts, or salted duck egg yolk. They are an acquired taste for some, but they are a beautiful and tasty treat that I look forward to every autumn.

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