Getting Ready for China: Part 1

I’m going to be studying abroad in China for the coming spring semester! I’ll be at Peking University (Beida, colloquially) in Beijing. Last week, I got the opportunity to meet with a friend who studied abroad at the same university over the summer. He gave me SO much helpful information – I took pages and pages of notes! I need to let the first layer sink it and revisit my notes later, but I thought I’d share some of the most interesting and useful things he told me that are currently at the front of my mind.

  1. An incoming traveler is allowed to bring up to three pieces of Christian literature into the country. More than that, and the customs officials will throw them away at will to get down to three. However, an NIV Bible in English can be purchased at the university bookstore in their “Superstitions” section.
  2. “Cars WILL hit you”, he said, regardless of where you walk. When this happens, don’t panic; simple bang on the hood of their car, curse at them in Chinese, and walk away.
  3. Go on a date to Pizza Hut. It’s what everyone does – Pizza Hut is fancy in China, with waiters and mood lighting and everything.
  4. For the second part of your date, go to the Pearl Market and pick out individual pearls to have strung into a necklace. A $300 value for just $20!
  5. Go to the American Embassy. When you step through the gates, they say, “Welcome home!” They also host celebrations on minor American holidays.

I’m sure I’ll have more thoughts to share as the time approaches, but this is all for now!

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