Chinese Club

One of the groups I’ve gotten involved with this year is OU’s Chinese Club. Our first event this year was the Moon Festival, or Mid-Autumn Festival. This traditional Chinese holiday takes place between early September and early October, and this year it was on October 1. We had moon cakes and tea while we listening to Moon Festival Songs. Then we played traditional Chinese games like mah jongg and Chinese Chess. It was a great way to celebrate Chinese culture with other Chinese language students.

The club hasn’t been too active this semester, but we’ve got a lot of exciting plans for next semester. Our goal is to increase knowledge about Chinese language and culture in the rest of the OU community. We’re hoping to have more celebrations at times of major Chinese holidays, like Chinese New Year in February. We also want to host some showings of the best Chinese language movies. And especially for Chinese language students, we want to host conversation hours and tutoring sessions to increase both our skill levels and our sense of community as language learners.

We actually tried to have one tutoring session two weeks ago, right before dead week. I was one of the tutors, along with five or six other people. No students needing tutoring actually showed up, but we all had a good time talking about study abroad opportunities in China. As I’m planning my own study abroad trip for Spring 2017, it was very helpful to hear about others’ experiences. I’m excited to get more involved with Chinese Club next semester and continue learning about Chinese language and culture!

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