Chinese Club, Spring 2016

The Chinese Club’s main event this semester was the Spring Festival in February. We had traditional Chinese food, candy, and Chinese games like Gou. It was a great time hanging out with other people who share the same love of Chinese as I do.

We had intentions of starting a Chinese conversation hour to practice our speaking skills, but unfortunately it was very difficult to generate interest. Only about four people even responded to our poll to find a time that would work for everyone. The president of the club, A.J., and I got lunch one day to discuss ideas about how to increase club participation. We decided that people don’t feel connected to the club, so we should plan more community-building activities – but of course, that’s what we were trying to do with the conversation hour. Next semester’s the start of a new year, though, with new students on campus; hopefully, with increased advertising and more planning in advance, we can make the club stronger.

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