Chinese Club

This semester, I got the opportunity to be the Vice President of OU’s Chinese Club. We were able to do more activities this semester than in previous semesters. In addition to the Mid-Autumn Festival, which you can read about in one of my previous posts, we had a conversation hour weekly for about two months. I was only able to attend two of them, but both times were very helpful. We were able to gather a group that was about half-and-half Chinese language learners and native speakers, so that we were able to practice our language skills in an effective way. The Chinese Club also took an outing to get dim sum in OKC. I was unfortunately unable to go, but I heard that it was a great time. It seems that the people who participated actively in Chinese Club this semester enjoyed it very much, but we did have difficulty garnering interest for most of our events. I’ll be abroad next semester, but the following semester, I’ll hopefully be able to help the club develop new strategies to reach and attract more students on OU’s campus.

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