Mid-Autumn Festival

The OU Chinese Club hosted its Mid-Autumn Festival celebration on September 15. Both for Chinese exchange students away from home and tradition and for American students interested in Chinese culture, it was a great way to come together and commemorate this important Chinese holiday. There were several components to the evening: eating red bean and five-nut mooncakes (which I got the opportunity to help make!) decorated with traditional designs, hearing a presentation about the origins and celebration of the Mid-Autumn festival, listening to popular Chinese music, and playing popular Chinese board games like Guo and Mahjonng.

In additions to experiencing the aspects of Chinese culture facilitated by the club, I was able to talk to OU students who have studied abroad in China. They gave me advice about what to do and where to go when I’m in China next semester. Although the Chinese Club hasn’t done much this semester, this event was a perfect example of what the Chinese Club’s vision is: to bring together anyone who cares about Chinese language and culture and allow them to celebrate that together.

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